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JULY 2010

'Buttercups and cattle, Thurne'


This view of St. Benet's Level Mill at Thurne on the Norfolk Broads,
was painted after a showery morning.  By the afternoon the sky had cleared
enough for me to produce this small sketch on location.  
The cattle on the horizon
were still sheltering near the willow trees, but helped to provide a focal point
 beyond the yellow of the buttercups in the foreground meadows. 

APRIL 2010

'Anglers, last light, Overstrand'


When the first green leaves of Spring appear, I tend to head for the beach.  Although I love the springtime, I find the acid greens of the fresh foliage not to my liking to paint, my preference being the late summer and autumn colouring in the hedgerow and fields.  This is a typical North Norfolk beach scene of anglers and wet sand - the simplicity of which always appeals to me.

MARCH 2010

'Southwold from the cliffs, Dunwich'


This is one of my favourite Suffolk views, painted at different times of the year. 
The view from Dunwich towards Southwold from the cliffs is at its best when there are broken patches of light, and cloud shadows racing over
 the landscape along the beach.


'Banks of the Bure, winter'


The last of the snow scenes?  For much of February we had a good covering of snow and freezing temperatures.  I was drawn once more to the Bure Valley, parts of which often flood during periods of heavy rainfall or melting snow.  

This watercolour sketch was the result of my visit to a quiet stretch of the river, where alders, willows and oaks provide a wooded margin to the northern edge of the river bank. The dark inky reflections of the trees in the water contrasted
so well with the snow.

Also inspired by woodlands was the late Roger Deakin, a wonderful nature writer, whose book 'Wildwood - A Journey Through Trees' I am currently reading and enjoying enormously. 
A 'must read' for any lover of trees, woodlands and wildlife.


'View towards Salthouse'

With the winds set in the north-east, it was bitterly cold when I came across
 this subject on the north Norfolk coast at Salthouse. 

Every so often the church tower would be obliterated by yet another
 snow flurry, moving in from the sea. One such wintery shower cloud
 can be seen in the painting I prod

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